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Hey there, bon vivant!

Nicola here, maker and baker, one-man wolfpack and #girlboss behind all things Simply Granola. 

Simply Granola was created in 2016 out a love for all things healthy + wholesome and a whole lot of it. I believe that each day should be celebrated with an active start, splattered with the occasional sleep in. Whether fast-paced or slightly slower - no morning should go by without a seriously rockin’ granola!

The heart behind Simply Granola is simple yet sumptuous. I have used a conscious selection of good-for-you ingredients that promise greatness with every mouthful. We do single batch baking and take all the granolas from production to packaging by hand, pouring a whole lot of love into what I hope will be many glorious granola moments for every one of you.

In 2017 we added the Simply Honey range to our collection and in 2018 we moved from our beloved kraft bags to our new and improved box range. 2019 was the year that made me a mama to our little lad Jack, and also the year we added our 5th flavour to our range of granolas. 2020, amidst all the madness that was COVID-19, we launched Simply Coffee, a range of Nespresso compatible coffee capsules that aims to bring quality coffee capsules to the market at an affordable pricing point. Simply Sweet was our final addition to all things SIMPLY in 2020  - a roasted coffee bean enrobed in decadent layers of chocolate and has eat-me-forever written all over them. We kicked off 2021 with our first limited edition granola and in June we launched the coveted high protein granola range. 2022 we launched our Vegan granola and we have many more new releases coming soon! In 2023 we took on our biggest challenge to date and developed and launched 2 granola ranges for Pick n Pay

Produced with heart and delivered with care, Simply Granola is dedicated to the bon vivant at heart, seeking an everyday indulgence while embracing a conscious lifestyle.

Thank you for supporting this little oats-filled journey we are on, I am looking forward to seeing you over here again soon :)

with love,




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