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20 Questions are our jam! If you can't find an answer to your question below, don't hesitate to let us know. Pop us an email at


1. How much will I pay for shipping?

Listen linda's, if we could we would totally offer shipping for free, but until such time that we're printing dollahs these are our shipping charges:
- Cape Town / Winelands area: R60 ex VAT

- All other main Cities (DBN, JHB, PTA, PE): R80 ex VAT

- Rest of SA: R90 ex VAT

THE GOOD NEWS IS if you shop to the value of R1200 or more, we will ship your goodies for freeeee.

2. Does your granola contain any gluten?

FUN FACT: oats are naturally gluten free, but often are either milled or used in processes amongst other gluten-containing products. This means that cross contamination often occurs and that traces of gluten therefore appears in oats / oats containing products. At Simply Granola we do not use any ingredients containing gluten, however we are subject to cross contamination during production. Therefore we state that all products could contain traces of gluten.

3. How can I pay for my items?

We offer a number of payment methods: Payfast, Credit and Debit Cards, Snapscan, Zapper or EFT.

4. Can I get a refund for my item?

Unfortunately as we largely sell consumables no refunds of consumable items are allowed. If you do buy a non-food item that arrives defective we will arrange a refund or replacement. If a food item arrives damaged we will conduct an investigation to determine where in the supply chain the item was damaged and handle the refund/replacement accordingly. Simply Granola unfortunately cannot accept any responsibility for gross negligence by couriers in the delivery of your item.

5. What is the shelf-life of your granola?

We recommend that you consume your granola within 6 months of opening. Store in a cool dry spot and make sure you either store in an airtight container or reseal the bag carefully. If you forgot to do the latter - never fear - we can always help with directions on how to 'refresh' your granola. Simply send us a message! 

6. When will I get my order?

We aim to be fast like Flash. If possible we dispatch same day, alternatively the next. Depending on your area and time of placing your order you might receive your order the next day, or within 3-7 business days. 

7. I have not received my order - I think something is wrong!

Never fear! Have a look at the automated shipping email we sent when your order was dispatched. Follow the link to see the tracking information of your parcel. If you do not get a sufficient answer over there you can contact the courier company in question - their contact number is listed on our Tracking Page. If you're still stuck - we're here to help! Let us know how far you've come in the process above and how we can be of further assistance.

8. I'm not winning at locating my lost parcel - what now?!

This happens darling bon vivant, and we hate courier issues as much as you do! (boo!) So here's the jam - while we cannot keep track of every parcel we send, we will definitely assist when a parcel has been swallowed by the big black carrier hole. The onus is on you to contact us via email (hello@simplygranola.co.za) and let us know that your parcel has not yet arrived. We reserve the right to attempt the location / recovery / resending of your parcel for a period of 30 days from when you notified us of said lost parcel. If we cannot resolve the issue within 30 days we will issue a refund or resend your parcel whichever you prefer.

9. Why do I have to wait 30 days to resolve the issue of a lost parcel?

These things typically takes time, it's a lot of to and fro with wasted time between call centres and operations managers from the various carriers. Also, we have learnt (the hard and expensive way) that 9/10 times we will have to carry the loss of the lost parcel. The claims process for lost parcels are long and cumbersome and usually goes unresolved (fun hey ;) ). Therefore we reserve the right to first play lost & found, and do everything we can to locate your goods before we go over to the replacement or refunding step. 

10. I received incorrect items in my parcel, what now?

You know, behind this little oats-filled ride is a one woman show (and sometimes tired mama). We definitely do make mistakes although we honestly try to keep them to a bare minimum. We will happily correct our mistakes - please let us know via email and we'll jump onto it for you!